SERENIA increases reliability and controls:

  • The last 5 years invoicing
  • Any outstanding amounts and future contracts

SERENIA audits any invoicing errors, including those by URSSAF. SERENIA can also take care of verifying your URSSAF declarations and your right to refunds.

1 - 3 %

Get back up to 3%

get back up to 3% of the total amount of your purchases by having your invoices checked

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Frédéric Magnen

Former Purchasing Director France ESSILOR

We contacted SERENIA for several missions to get cash back from invoicing errors.
The results lived up to our expectations as we were paid back amounts we’d been overcharged Les by suppliers and we were also able to improve our internal invoicing processes. They worked in total autonomy, we were only slightly called upon, as requested in our specifications. The sums paid back correspond to 2% of our annual audited spending.

cash down

Our fields of expertise

Experts with years of experience in each of Serenia’s specializations. The guarantee of having contributors specialised in domains of specific, and even complex, Purchasing.

Our page of expertise

Definition of Purchasing strategy
Purchasing Cartography
Management of part or all consultations
Qualitative and Quantitative Benchmarking
Cash-back operations
Managing change
Strategic sourcing
Purchasing Externalisation
Follow-up of real economies
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