SERENIA makes the process more reliable:

SERENIA’s audit concerns all categories of direct and indirect purchases, experts for each category are involved, they are managed in PMO mode in order to align results, to be challenged and to respect the milestones of the project.

This is a 100% win audit : either unduly paid sums are identified, then recovered (P&L saving) and recommendations are implemented to correct the flaws, either gaps are small, then you can trust your process.

1 - 3 %

Get back up to 3%

get back up to 3% of the total amount of your purchases by having your invoices checked




Frédéric Magnen

Former Purchasing Director France ESSILOR

We contacted SERENIA for several missions to get cash back from invoicing errors.
The results lived up to our expectations as we were paid back amounts we’d been overcharged Les by suppliers and we were also able to improve our internal invoicing processes. They worked in total autonomy, we were only slightly called upon, as requested in our specifications. The sums paid back correspond to 2% of our annual audited spending.

cash down

Our core/flagship categories

Beyond these categories, we are able to mobilize more than 100 independent experts for other categories and in many business sectors. This is the guarantee of having specialized players in specific or even complex purchasing areas.

Our page of expertise

Definition of Purchasing strategy
Purchasing Cartography
Management of part or all consultations
Qualitative and Quantitative Benchmarking
Cash-back operations
Managing change
Strategic sourcing
Purchasing Externalisation
Follow-up of real economies
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