SERENIA evaluates and transforms

Serenia is committed to optimizing a category and/or organization after an exclusive flash diagnosis, EPICo.

It’s a 360 ° vision on 4 essential axes of value creation through the control of external spends in order to better situate and warn about the risks, and to better understand the level of ambition and the ability to achieve the objectives defined or to be defined.

Thanks to the findings, the first recommendations are on structural / essential levers for sustainable improvement of contribution to the value chain.

But the “Flash” approach is voluntarily fast and transgressive, to get out of the frame and encourage any initiative generating quick wins.

45 %

Up to 45 % savings are generated

 within the framework of the optimisation of purchasing.



  •     What are the sources for value creation?
  •     What is the level of involvement in the function?
  •     What is the level of business critical for each category of purchasing?


  •     What are its resources?
  •     What is its organisation?
  •     Is purchasing delegated, centralized, autonomous?

Information System

  •     What is the purchasing development process?
  •     What tools are used in set up?
  •     How are the systems mapped?


  •     Which functions are involved in purchasing?
  •     What type of communication with clients, suppliers?
  •     How is the « Purchasing » function perceived?




Guilhem Lavabre

Vice-President Bureau Veritas

Having already resorted to the services of Serenia to great success in the past, I didn’t hesitate to solicit them again when I joined Bureau Veritas to take care of the purchasing function within the Group. The very high differentiation factor of their offer compared with that of other service providers resides in their ability to treat purchasing categories with high volumetry (typically on catalogues), and often a certain complexity of tariff. For example, we obviously brought them in  on office supplies, their historic expertise (global contracts, savings superior to 20%), but also on short term rentals and international express couriers: purchasing families on the one hand for baseline establishments and on the other the negotiation of a structure for tariffs, clearly shows a saving in all the possible configurations in terms of individual transactions, which represent a difficulty as well as a highly consequent workload when one is not equipped with the appropriate tools, such as those developed by Serenia. Once again, Serenia helped us achieve savings of between 10% and 20% depending on the countries concerned.

cash down

Our core/flagship categories

Beyond these categories, we are able to mobilize more than 100 independent experts for other categories and in many business sectors. This is the guarantee of having specialized players in specific or even complex purchasing areas.

Our page of expertise

Definition of Purchasing strategy
Purchasing Cartography
Management of part or all consultations
Qualitative and Quantitative Benchmarking
Cash-back operations
Managing change
Strategic sourcing
Purchasing Externalisation
Follow-up of real economies
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