SERENIA combines audit & optimization to sustainably maximize your performance

One makes it possible to ensure the conformity of the invoices to the contracts, while recovering sums overcharged …

… The other to build your procurement ecosystem via our EPICO Tool, deduce its maturity and thus act on the best levers for optimizing your spends.

A objective to propose significant, fast and well-argued improvements thanks to the quality of our experts and our constantly updated benchmark database

  • Ability to trigger quick-wins
  • Improvement of your contracts and their enforcement
  • Maximization of your Overall and Differentiated Performance by Category


Up to 1 1/2 hours per day saved

on time-consuming activities

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Pascal Servy


Facing an internal problem in the management of our waste, within the group whose specificity is the decentralization of our sites, we decided, with good reason, to commission SERENIA. From relations with suppliers to the negotiation of account payments, SERENIA was handed complete management of the case. We managed to save the equivalent of an FTE and generate substantial gains.

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Our core/flagship categories

Beyond these categories, we are able to mobilize more than 100 independent experts for other categories and in many business sectors. This is the guarantee of having specialized players in specific or even complex purchasing areas.

Our page of expertise

Definition of Purchasing strategy
Purchasing Cartography
Management of part or all consultations
Qualitative and Quantitative Benchmarking
Cash-back operations
Managing change
Strategic sourcing
Purchasing Externalisation
Follow-up of real economies
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