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SERENIA TEMPING secures temporary work and generates substantial savings thanks to know-how in HR. Several options: strategy definition, accompaniment of clients through consultation and invoicing errors.

Also, any modification in legal or social legislation has an impact, negative or positive, and buyers must take this into account during negotiations.

Resorting to Temping services is a constant. Its objective is to obtain the best conditions, taking into account the shortage of professions aimed at and contracts responding to users expectations.



SERENIA TRAVEL supervises spending, linked to travel by aligning all partners (travel agents, airlines, reservation tools …) to economic objectives thanks to, totally independent, factual missions.

Members of the travel world have varyingly profitable programmes that generate various costs.



SERENIA Short-Term Rental proposes immediate feedback on experiences by having already gauged the performance of each large-scale renter in over 50 countries. SERENIA Short-Term Rental isolates the invoicing performance of rental partners and the application of travel policies already in place. SERENIA LCD thus feeds the criteria for quality of service.



SERENIA CAR FLEET MANAGEMENT optimises and challenges the costs of these services as well as proposing a true 360° vision so as to foresee problems linked to this sector of spending. From Car Policy to the definition of steering tools or the highlighting of sustainable development initiatives, SERENIA CAR FLEET MANAGEMENT proposes an economic performance, without destroying values, and generating gains between 8 and 15% from the very first year.

Car fleets within companies represent one of the highest indirect purchasing budgets and remain a rather sensitive subject.



SERENIA TRANSPORT accompanies its clients in the conception and setting up of an efficient transport policy. Generally made up of between 3 to 10% of the total cost of manufactured products, transport can represent a considerable cost depending on the sectors of activity.

Numerous factors hinder the diagnostic for the reduction of transport costs and invoicing control: complexity of logistic schema, diversity of transport operators, issues of control and traceability, the evolution of providers offers.


SERENIA TELECOMS has been exploring this particular domain for over 15 years and guarantees a veritable optimisation in line with the company’s needs. From the audit to the simulation of offers by internal or external providers, SERENIA TELECOMS relieves internal associates and offers tools and highly specialized expertise to obtain the best conditions the market offers.

The transport market is voluntarily complex and opaque. The complexity of invoicing, the constant evolution of technologies, only experts know how to make sense of all the offers.



SERENIA SUPPLIES is our core business. For 15 years SERENIA has been working on the optimisation of office supplies, IT consumables and paper purchasing. SERENIA SUPPLIES has a thorough knowledge of the market, products, suppliers and their practices and thus proposes unique tools to accompany its clients by ensuring them solid, veritable results.

Supplies etc are not necessarily strategic depending on the sector, but they concern all company employees and provide several optimisation levers.



SERENIA ENERGY has a perfect knowledge of the sector and substantially reduces energy bills. SERENIA ENERGY optimises time and profitability by accompanying, independently, companies and communities in purchasing and the optimisation of electricity and gas contracts.

Energy is often one of the biggest costs for companies, with new providers on the market.



SERENIA WASTE has a perfect understanding of the complete waste circuit, along with the regulatory constraints in force. SERENIA WASTE accompanies its clients in the optimisation of their waste management (solid and liquid) and in the setting up of practical, adapted solutions to the different constraints. SERENIA WASTE leads negotiations and generates gains of between 10 and 30%, from the first year.

Waste management is often a real conundrum for companies: increased costs, more and more complex legislation, saturation of elimination channels and recycling. Nevertheless, there are several optimisation and re-evaluation levers that can make this category an asset to the company.


SERENIA FACILITY MANAGEMENT concentrates on a few domains of activity, such as cleaning, mass catering not including maintenance and caretaking. SERENIA FACILITY MANAGEMENT generates savings between 10 and 15% and accompanies its clients in the implementation and steering of contract performance so as to maintain quality of service. SERENIA FACILITY MANAGEMENT leads negotiations of made-to-measure services, according to client needs.

Facility Management is a wide and complex domain, externalized more and more by companies who prefer to focus on their own core business.



SERENIA ADMINISTRATIVE performs a free diagnosis of our social contributions and identifies savings to be made. Two possible levers: refunds of over-paid contributions and savings to be made in the future. SERENIA ADMINISTRATIVE’S methodology is based on an analysis of the strict application and perfect knowledge of the rules in force.

In France, social benefit charges are ranked the n°1 on companies expenditure. Their calculation is subject to a more and more complex legislation, creating the impossibility for software to optimize them.



SERENIA PROTECTIVE CLOTHING and WORK CLOTHING combine technical expertise and know-how in the management of calls to tender in the sector. SERENIA PROTECTIVE CLOTHING and WORK CLOTHING accompanies its clients from sourcing to recycling so as to optimize their budgets according to associate’s expectations.

PROTECTIVE CLOTHING and work clothing represent a complex and time consuming purchasing category. Companies don’t hesitate to call on the services of specialists and external experts.



SERENIA MASS CATERING proposes the perfect balance between cost reduction, respect of RSE policy and guest satisfaction. Steering is rigorous and implicates the integration of company objectives using a transversal approach.

Mass catering within a company necessitates tools for steering spending, KPI and SLA whose creation and setting up are time-consuming and require internal expertise on the profession. The levers for improvement enable rapid savings or cash-back are often put aside by purchasing, because of a lack of time or knowledge.



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