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SERENIA looks for an immediate P & L effect by checking conformity of the invoice to the contract / pricelist, supplier overpayments and VAT mistakes and then by recovering unduly received amounts.

SERENIA models purchasing environment and establishes a maturity matrix in order to qualify risks and opportunities of the internal / external environment via its benchmark.

SERENIA conducts an analysis of both issues and challenges, identifies needs and constraints in order to focus on the value creation chain.

SERENIA uses a specialist in each category for expertise and a PMO for a global project management taking into account strength of conviction, sense of situations, assertiveness but also ability to question itself.


Founded in 2000, SERENIA is one of the European consulting leaders in Audit & Optimization for external spend.


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Our core/flagship categories

Beyond these categories, we are able to mobilize more than 100 independent experts for other categories and in many business sectors. This is the guarantee of having specialized players in specific or even complex purchasing areas.

Our page of expertise

Definition of Purchasing strategy
Purchasing Cartography
Management of part or all consultations
Qualitative and Quantitative Benchmarking
Cash-back operations
Managing change
Strategic sourcing
Purchasing Externalisation
Follow-up of real economies
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